We just returned from a wonderful Easter with my family. The kids always love being at their grandparents. My parents live in the country. Really in the country. From the moment we arrive I love to see my children unwind and enjoy the fresh air, open spaces, and skies full of stars with no city lights.

On the way back we usually make a visit to a Greek Fish Market. It is a welcome break as we unload the kids and enjoy something more than fast food. The Fish Market features mostly grilled items and greek style side items. In addition to the great meal, they sell a few items in the market area. I’ve found a few jewels there which are not mass produced items — at least not the on the scale of the items we find in our grocery stores. Some of these items are imported from Greece by the owner under his brand called Tsitalia, other varieties are mixed there on location. I’ve used the Greek Seasoning for five years. I use it on my grilled shrimp, my salmon in the oven, and in soups and stir-fry. (They sell all of this in the restaurants, but not online. You will find their beautiful pottery online.)

Today I asked if they had a salt-free version of the Greek Seasoning.

“Wait just a minute.” said our waiter.

He returned with a question about how much we wanted….and then ran back to the kitchen.

Out he comes with the sizes we requested, saying that they just mixed up my custom order. Salt-free Greek Seasoning – I’m in Heaven! Total price for one big and one small container? $6.50.

I  know this is a weird thing to get excited about, but how awesome to have that kind of flavor for months to come…something not mass produced and maybe just the slightest bit healthier. Of course, I had to buy some of their other standards….cold-press olive oil, John’s Famous Slaw sauce (Another original unique to Birmingham), and some Meyer Lemon Juice.

My point is this: Look for the original in life. Something as simple as a Greek Spice can be a little originality in your everyday life. A reminder of a trip or a memory that reminds you of your childhood.

I’m recapping some Easter fun tomorrow. Come back while I share a few of the things that made me smile this weekend. I promise some originality.