This was an unusual Monday for me. Both Dave and I headed out the door and into a long commute this morning. Dave went downtown to speak with a client (he normally works just miles from where we live) and I headed off to the Social Fresh Social Media Conference. It’s Social Media Week in Atlanta and that means there are a lot of fun events for us geeks to meet IN PERSON to discuss how to predict the future. It’s not an easy topic when you are talking about future technology. I thought I’d share five thoughts I found interesting today. I won’t bore you with discussing ROI (Return On Investment) or other marketing terms though…these are some things that will actually affect everyone’s life soon:

  1. MARK ZUCKERBERG HAS NOT RETIRED YET – Facebook is here to stay. In fact, Facebook is continually evolving into something that will become a hub for much of our communication. Think Google 7 years ago before they went public. The exception to this happens if you live in China – they’ve developed their own answer to Facebook.
  2. RANTING IS COMPLICATED – To complain about a product on Facebook, you actually have to “Like” the brand or item and then complain. I thought that was funny.
  3. WHAT’S IN A NAME? – A everyday person who has a passion and creates a community around a cause or product is called an “UberFan” and then if they are hired to work on that community by a bigger entity they are then called “UberAmbassadors”.
  4. EVERYONE HAS A BOSS – The term “C Suite” was thrown all over the place today. Basically it’s about getting the people above you on the ladder to believe that technology is changing quickly and some of it might actually have value. In my own experience I think this is about convincing your boss that an idea is so relevant and fantastic that he/she thinks it is their own idea. At least that is how I’ve seen the reality play out.
  5. MAY I HELP YOU? РMany companies are using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others to fulfill immediate customer service needs. If you have a justifiable complaint  and no one is listening, I suggest you contact the company through these alternative ways. You just might get a human to take up your cause if their company is monitoring these communications. Some companies see this as an opportunity to turn negative comments into something positive. This includes banks, car brands, restaurants, and grocery chains.