The minute I saw it was possible to purchase Cirque Du Soleil Ovo tickets using our RCI vacation points I was excited. We had points about to expire in January — not many, but enough that I didn’t want to lose them. Doing that enabled us to take all five family members to the show without damaging our checking account. I was thrilled to have the kids get to see the creative and amazing acrobatics and dance here in Atlanta. Dave and I saw Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas last January and were mesmerized. It was fun to go with the kids this time.

After church services and Sunday school we headed down to Gordon Biersch in Midtown Atlanta. We have great memories of eating at the Aloha Tower location in Honolulu years ago when Jordan was a baby. The Atlanta location is just as good…garlic fries may not be healthy, but they sure are delicious! I did eat fruit and salad along with that so hopefully it all balanced out!

We had a couple of hours to kill before the Ovo show so we made use of our family membership at the High Museum of Art. It was the perfect amount of time to see the currently featured Salvador Dali exhibit. That’s what I love about having a membership to a museum – you never feel like you have to cram it all into a day. So, as you can imagine, paintings like The Persistence of Memory made for some interesting conversations with the kids…like, really interesting since Dali was an “out of the box” type. Amazingly even some people in the art world thought he was “out there” at times. While there I read a quote by his critics saying that he was too much of a self promoter. In light of today’s social media and self-promotion frenzy I would say he was ahead of his time.

And then it was time for Cirque Du Soleil which is set up at Atlantic Station in an elaborate series of tents built especially for the show. The show is here for several months in Atlanta. Our kids were excited and anxious since they did not know what to expect.

It was every bit as thoughtful and beautiful as the Beatles LOVE show, but it is a more intimate experience in the tents. I love seeing it in the round. All day long the kids have been discussing which part was their favorite. It occurred to me that we probably loaded their brains up with so many visual thoughts that we’d have kids waking during the night. Fortunately a sound night’s sleep was the reality…though I am quite sure that they talked in their sleep. I was just too tired to hear it!