MY HUSBAND IS GREAT. HE’S A WORLD TRAVELER…LITERALLY. We’ve lived in unique places and had access to more authentic international cuisine than most people. Together we have braved all sorts of “interesting experiences” and survived. That’s one of the things I love most about our relationship.

A couple of Sundays ago we ventured out to try a Dim Sum restaurant after church services. We took along another couple and their cute three year old. We took along our kids. When we got there we were the only caucasian families in the room. That’s a good sign if you want to eat anything “authentic”. Years ago we lived in Hawaii and learned how to pick your meal from the amazing food carts that roll past your table during a Dim Sum meal. So we sat about eating some great food, family style.

And then my dear husband got a little confident in his ordering. He thought he saw spare ribs. Spare ribs are usually delicious. This is what we saw when it hit the middle of our table:

Obviously not ribs. He thought the server might have said, “Chicken Fingers” …but as you can see, this is quite literally chicken fingers and feet. Apparently a delicacy to which we had not been exposed. Goodness gracious, as we say in the South!

I’m not sure why, but Dave felt the need to prove that these were edible and good. No one else at the table would even touch them. Our friend Patrick snapped both of these pictures while watching in amazement.

That is why everyone was nervous when we offered to order CHICKEN WINGS for the Small Group SuperBowl part at our house. Can you blame them?