WHEN DO YOU BECOME WHO YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE? After seeing the trailer for Kaira Rouda’s debut book, I couldn’t wait to read it. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything besides my usual mix of parenting and geek books and “Here, Home, Hope” was a perfect summer read. I’ve been eagerly curling up in bed each night and following the main character, Kelly Mills Johnson, as she searches for the direction of her life as it evolves. It seems to me that much of her discovery comes from finding out that no one in her neighborhood or set of friends really has their life perfected.


The older I get, the more I realize that life will continue despite my imperfections. I may not always have the answers, but I will only find out the truth by wading right into the middle of that mess. For me this has been a spiritual journey throughout my life. I have put away the perfect plan and begun to live. Simply live. Do I have goals? Surely. Do I think I am in control of the outcome? Absolutely not. My only advice to the book’s main character would be to search out more of her beliefs and follow their lead. I wondered why she had not found this earlier in her life…but that was one of the topics which drew me to like Kelly. I wanted her to find the answers to her inner conversation.

Kaira Rouda can be found on her media tour in many cities throughout the United States (add Atlanta, please!) and you can find “Here, Home, Hope” at your local bookseller or online. You can find out more by exploring her webpage and blog:

One opportunity I wanted to mention is that while Kaira is on her media tour she is interested in joining into your book club and group activities. (And she has a special kit if you would like to host an event!) Contact her to see if your gathering would work into her schedule…and then invite me please!

This has been a sponsored post from the One2One Network who provided the Here, Home, Hope for review purposes. As usual, all opinions and ideas are my own.