WE CONTINUE TO FILL OUR SUMMER WITH FUN IN ATLANTA. Last week we received the chance to see the most honorable knights and maidens of Spain at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. It was a day before Grace’s birthday so we got to toast to our own fair maiden.
Grace actually shares a birthday weekend with her Dad because I could wait no longer to have her arrive. (The difference between the 21st and the 23rd seems incredibly long when you have a ten pound baby inside!) We celebrated them both all weekend, but personally I enjoyed the Morelli’s Ice Cream visit most. I can still taste that salted caramel and almond joy coconut in my mind. No wonder it is regularly voted the best in Atlanta.
This week William and Grace are taking a Game Programming Camp at the new
Windows store. Did I mention it is free? Gotta love that!

Hope you are having a few Summer Adventures yourself.