I am Ann.

I was schooled in the world of Architecture and actually educated by extensive travel and a variety of opportunities through my life. I’ve lived in one foreign country (England) and in five of our United States. Each of these locations hold a special place in my heart. By keeping an open mind in my career I have been able to become experienced in graphic design, marketing communications and branding, software development and innovation, educational publishing, and community building. As the world of social media has grown, I have grown with it.

I started MundaneMagic in 2005.

I’m a geek at heart. No shame in that — I take pure pleasure in understanding new technology and how it will affect our families. I have a family and I shamelessly use them to experiment with my technology ideas. Actually, my three children are the true teachers. I learn the most by observing. That is where the magic occurs.

My focus is to pass on much of this knowledge to you and enjoy the interaction we share. I often consult with brands and companies about their presence in the world of media – especially social media. I’m just as interested in how this affects us as we raise our children. Quite frankly, I am blessed that my education set me up for a job title that did not even exist when I was a teenager. Truthfully, many of us are doing things differently than we envisioned as teens. My wish for my children is that they become adaptable, capable, and sincere adults in this world.

Noticing the Magic in the Mundane Moments of life is my passion.

I’m known for my articles about Digital Footprints and Grandparent Technology, but sometimes real life in a family is just too good not to share. Funny thing is, that often points to a greater meaning in our lives. I take great joy in sharing that with you. Kids are just brilliant comedic material and I am trying to document this for my old age. I guess you could call it, a digital footprint with meaning.

I’ve had over 20 years of happiness with my dear husband and together I’d describe us as “suburban, but not ordinary”.

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