TAPSLisa Dolan and Belle

For Those Who Have Loved and Lost, TAPS


THE TRAGEDY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FOR SURVIVORS, KNOWN AS TAPS. I’ve written about my friend Lisa Dolan here on Mundane Magic. She’s an amazingly positive force for good after the 9/11 Pentagon loss of her husband, Captain Robert Dolan, USN. I couldn’t help, but share this photos from the Memorial Day Weekend’s activities. Lisa brings her trained dog, Belle, to minister to the children and families More >


Wordless Wednesday: Sharing Food Traditions


WE WERE THRILLED TO RECEIVE THE INVITATION FROM A NEIGHBORHOOD FRIEND. It was an invitation to come enjoy Indian food in their home.

And enjoy, we did. Family food heritages are worth sharing!


5 Reasons I Am Celebrating


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND AND OFTEN I HEAR MY GIRLFRIENDS JOKE ABOUT STAYING 29… AGAIN. No doubt, I would love to have my 22 year old body back again…that’s the part of youth that would be wonderful to retain. But return to my 20’s and miss out on all these memories and the experience?

No. Thank. You.

My life is crazy and chaotic, filled with never ending laundry, and problems to solve. I am More >


Neighborhood Pen Pals


I HAVE PLENTY ON MY MIND THIS WEEK, BUT SOMETIMES A SWEET MOMENT MEANS MORE THAN THE “BIG” ISSUES. Want to know what made me happy today? The fact that my eight year old decorated mailboxes with a neighborhood friend. We searched for several days to find just the right container for their notes. We found this one at JoAnn’s and it was perfect. It met Grace’s requirements for a waterproof More >

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 3.35.31 AM

What Brought You Happiness #printable


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