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Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Haunts #atlanta


THE CHILL IN THE AIR HAS JUST ARRIVED AS ATLANTA ENJOYS THE HALLOWEEN SEASON. Our neighborhood comes alive at this time of the year. Houses are Boo’d and it seems the streets are alive with friendly spirits on Halloween night. Our neighbors gather around for block party style treats and laughter each year – I simply love it!

This week I am featured in the Atlanta section of The Savvy Source for More >


Non-Conference 2012: The Best Part


I TOOK THIS SUNFLOWER PHOTO IN A SECTION OF CALLAWAY GARDEN’S VICTORY GARDEN EAST. The fields behind it had been tilled and all the other sunflowers had been removed since they were past their prime. The horticulture specialists were preparing the soil for the seasonal transition of Winter and Spring. It brought a smile to my face to know that this literal ‘late bloomer’ had been left to finish More >

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A Non-Conference?


I AM GOING AWAY. This weekend I will be away from my kids and my husband. And honestly I love weekends together. We get to catch up and do fun things together. But I had the opportunity to join up with some other writers and media geeks for a weekend of brainstorming…that just sounded too good to miss. I’ve had plenty of questions about the conference since adding the badge to my sidebar. I More >


My Life, Right Now


INSPIRED BY “DEAR CHRISSY” TO TAKE A LOOK THROUGH MY MOST RECENT SNAPSHOTS AND LOOK AT WHAT THE PAST WEEK CONTAINED — AMAZING HOW QUICKLY THE CHAOS BECOMES A GOOD MEMORY. Family life is busy. I feel like that is the reply I give 99% of the time to those who ask. Invariably there are schedule conflicts each day and a list of items to be finished before the next school day which require some quiet More >


How Do You Travel? #RImoms


HOW DO YOU TRAVEL? Do you focus on one destination and then make yourself at home there? Do you go to a new location each night? Are you a bonefied foodie who loves exploring a city through it’s flavors? Would you prefer to save money or do you go the luxury route? Is the beach your ideal location? How about a bustling downtown with lots to do? Do you take friends, family, or pets along? Are More >

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