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Mom! You’ve forgotten!


PARENT GUILT…EVER HAVE IT? Last week Grace informs me that we have forgotten a very important school project. She begins to go on about how each month there was a monthly art project due from our family and we were about to forget another one. I stood there perplexed. Is it possible that I would forget something?

Absolutely. And she seemed so passionate about the topic so I began to think that I More >


William’s 3rd Grade Concert


LAST THURSDAY WILLIAM’S GRADE HAD A MUSIC CONCERT AT SCHOOL. Each class was grouped into sections on the risers. They wore their class t-shirts and jeans and performed both recorder and vocal arrangements. You wouldn’t think that third graders could generate much more than a roomful of headaches with the recorders, but they have one of the best music teachers in the state. Mr. Tighe truly rocks More >


A Sunday afternoon in Atlanta


The minute I saw it was possible to purchase Cirque Du Soleil Ovo tickets using our RCI vacation points I was excited. We had points about to expire in January — not many, but enough that I didn’t want to lose them. Doing that enabled us to take all five family members to the show without damaging our checking account. I was thrilled to have the kids get to see the creative and amazing More >

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