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Facebook debate continues


Did you see this news this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America?

My thoughts are:

  1. Facebook’s official age for new accounts is 13. While so many tweens lie to create an account, I made our teen tell the truth. That’s why she was one of the last in her class of peers to have an account. Sorry my girl, we don’t lie.
  2. Technology as a learning tool. Most schools, homeschool coops, and other More >

5 things: Social Media Atlanta


This was an unusual Monday for me. Both Dave and I headed out the door and into a long commute this morning. Dave went downtown to speak with a client (he normally works just miles from where we live) and I headed off to the Social Fresh Social Media Conference. It’s Social Media Week in Atlanta and that means there are a lot of fun events for us geeks to meet IN PERSON to discuss how to predict More >


Did you miss your Facebook?


Yesterday I was basically unplugged…watching things like this:

and now I hear that all of you were without your Facebook. Did you get any work done? Were you crazy without your connection to your friends? At least I got to post my status last night – completely unaware of your issues yesterday. My status talked about how my son, William, stepped on an alligator’s toe. I’ll tell you about it all More >

How to disable Facebook Places


HAVE YOU HEARD OF FACEBOOK PLACES? Facebook recently launched another “feature” on it’s popular networking site called Places. The idea is that by showing your current location you can meetup with friends for coffee, lunch, or other practical purposes to share a real social interaction. They envisioned you being at a concert, for example, and knowing that 10 of your other friends are there among More >


5 Things: Old School Style


PONG, TRS-80S, AND THE START OF MTV…THOSE ARE SOME OF MY MEMORIES FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL. Last night we attended the Open House of our middle schooler. It’s really one of the few chances you have during the year to see their teachers in person. In elementary school we had many chances to help in the classroom, but by the teen years those moments are few. Our school makes the parents follow our More >

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