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Exploring Kids’ Special Interests


I AM WRITING ON “THE SAVVY SOURCE” AGAIN TODAY. We were asked to take some favorite kid interests and go to the next step. How do ¬†you encourage your child to take the next step?

Do their favorite, yet expand their horizons?

Be open to new ideas?

Here’s where I took the article:

Sometimes ‘the usual’ needs to be exchanged for a new kind of fun. With a full selection of activities in the Atlanta More >


Riding the Natchez Trace: Day One


THE LOVELESS CAFE IS A PERFECT BEGINNING LOCATION. We arrived there early in the morning and I was quite surprised our riders were willing to even eat there. After all, The Loveless Cafe is known for delicious country breakfasts. Our riders managed to skip the coffee and eat a bowl of fruit with their biscuits. I ordered sausage gravy and biscuits along with the most perfect over easy eggs. Not More >

Erins Attic Photography - Say What?

Project Pinterest: New Photo Trend for Spring


MY MEMORY WAS JOGGED YESTERDAY BY THIS IMAGE. Yesterday my creative friend Erin shared a photo she took of a young couple near some graffiti. She captured the perfect combination of fun and personality in the shot. That reminded me of a trend which is spreading across Pinterest right now Рphotography using sidewalk chalk. A few months ago I followed a Pinterest link to the Modern Parents Messy More >

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