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Your digital footprint: iPod Touch/iPhone settings


As kids grow into tweens and teens you see them wanting tiny electronic and communication items. If you are considering a purchase of something like an Apple iPod Touch for your child or teen you should make the time to become familiar with the settings. Your teen’s first interest will be to load their tunes and apps, but you should also put some thought into how you’d like this child to use More >


Your digital footprint: 5 smart Facebook habits


If you use facebook, you’ve most certainly seen the effects of a virus infecting a friend’s account and spreading like wildfire. Facebook has become a¬†phenomena¬†among most of us. As a communication tool, it’s revolutionary. We are able to share updates quickly, ask for support, and enjoy a laugh with instant gratification. The power of this encouragement in our lives has reconnected us mostly for More >

4Up Combined

Digital footprint: Look at yourself


Give a young child a phone and they are instantly entertained for hours. Almost any parent will agree with that fact. Over the years, my littlest one has been endowed with not only the toy versions of phones, but old cell phones that have long since been outdated. The latest is a flip phone that her cousins gave her and she seriously carries it around transacting kindergartner business on it More >

Your digital footprint: digital reality


Imagination is an important part of a child’s growth and learning. It is a marvelous part of how we form our personalities and become capable adults. There are times when we need to point out to our younger children how a movie, dream, or cartoon character is not real. “It’s pretend, not real,” you say to reinforce their understanding of the real world or guard their safety. My question to you More >

'Leave no trace' takes on a new meaning

Your digital footprint: sticks and stones online


'Leave no trace' takes on a new meaning

Look around you. We are all – teens, adults, and children – online, all-the-time. And most of us are using multiple devices to access our favorite social and communication sites on the web. In a mere generation, our society has added new tools and social norms to it’s vocabulary. Most are wonderful, but this week we saw the ugly side of these conveniences More >

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