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Hunger Games Interview

The Hunger Games Release #DistrictParty


JUST ANOTHER FRIDAY NIGHT FOR MY BOY. William has a busy life for an almost eleven year old…interviewing actors late on a Friday night and then up on Saturday morning for baseball tryouts. He did a great job interviewing Ian Nelson (“Tribute Boy – District 3)¬†and Ethan Jamieson (“Tribute Boy – District 4) last night!

We will be teaming up to write the article this weekend and I’ll post a link More >
BirdGold_2_ring by Tim OBrien

7 Positive Ideas about The Hunger Games series


THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE RELEASE INUNDATED THE NEWS LAST WEEK IN POP CULTURE REALMS. My teenager turned me onto the books about a year ago and I finally read them a few months ago. Devoured them actually, because once I started reading the series written by Suzanne Collins, I couldn’t stop. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, tells the horrible story from her point of view and although the More >

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